BREAKING: Powerful CA Democrat Outed As Grand Wizard Of The KKK


Liberals laugh when we point out that Democrats are the party of the Ku Klux Klan, but yet another DemoKKKrat has been caught following in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton idol Robert Byrd.

While he never attained Byrd’s rank of Exalted Cyclops, California Senator Joe Burkschmidt’s white hood and robe just got yanked out of the closet by one of his own – a disgruntled staffer who posted a photo of the state senator on Facebook. The photo was removed  within a minute:

Looks like Joe forgot to keep his hood pulled all the way down in this photo taken at a KKK rally in Arkansas, where he grew up.

During the 2016 election, Burkschmidt repeatedly called Donald Trump a “racist” and said that “Republicans hate blacks almost as much as I hate Brussels sprouts,” adding that he would “eradicate Brussels sprouts from the earth” if he could.

“This was decades ago,” California congresswoman Nancy Pelosi said in a statement after the news initially broke. “People change. He’s changed since then.”

State senator Kamala Harris agreed with Pelosi’s assessment, calling the “attacks” against Burkschmidt “fake news.”

Why is it that the people who call everyone else racist, xenophobic, hateful, etc., always end up being the exact thing they call everyone else?