WARNING: You Are Funding Islamic Extremist Organizations When You Buy These Products… BOYCOTT


Most Americans are unknowingly funding islamic extremism every time they go to the grocery store. By buying products in your local grocery store that are halal-certified, at an added cost to the retailer, and that cost being passed onto you, the consumer, portions that money finds it’s way back to islamic extremists.

Fast food chains also sell halal certified meats, the proceeds of which, go to organizations like the muslims brotherhood, and other such groups linked to terrorist activity around the world.

Kirralie Smith, president of HalalChoices.com.au in Australia discusses Promoting Sharia With Your Grocery Purchases, unveiling how Islamic Supremacism is being funded with your shopping.

Make sure you before you go shopping, that you aren’t buying items that require a halal certified fee. do you really want to know that your money is going to fund violent, islamic extremist groups like Hamas? Not just that, but this money is being use to integrate islamic culture into our societies.

The America that we all love shares no values with these islamic extremists who abuse and denigrate women, mutilate and behead those who oppose them, and consider our western democratic way of life to be inferior.

We need to start demanding of our grocery stores and the producers and packagers of the food we consume to identify what foods are subject to the halal fee. It takes away our rights as consumers to not know who is receiving the proceeds of our purchases.

With enough public pressure on companies like Wal-Mart, Publix and others, we can force food producers to label everything with a visible halal label, indicating what is and isn’t subject to the halal fee, so citizens of western countries that are feeling the effects of terrorism, can do their part to fight terrorism all from their local grocery store.